(S)FTP Poller

Secure, Reliable, Managed, File Transfer

Network Integration - DMZ

There are two basic ways to implement the FTP Poller in a network. The simplest is to integrate it as part of your internal network behind the firewall. A more powerful and flexible technique is to locate the FTP Poller within a separate network (DMZ) specifically setup for controlling external access.

nim dmzmod 02

In this example the FTP Poller sits in the DMZ. The Poller can push files onto or or pull files from remote servers in the usual way. The poller may also access a standard FTP service on a file server inside the internal network to pick up and drop off files. Alternatively network shares can be arranged so that the FTP Poller is accessible internally.

Users on the internal network simply access the local server to drop off or pick up files. This gives a high degree of flexibility with a reasonable amount of security. The firewall ensures that the FTP Poller in the DMZ can only access the FTP service on the internal server.

This model gives the added benefit that the FTP Poller can also act as an FTP server. This makes it possible for other FTP Pollers on remote sites (or any other external FTP client) to access files available from this site. The FTP Poller provides the service of moving files between the internal network server and the public facing DMZ based FTP Poller/FTP Server. Further security can be implemented in the firewall to ensure that only specific external devices can access the FTP Poller thus protecting the system from unwanted access.  This maintains good security whilst enhancing flexibility and cooperative working with other companies.