(S)FTP Poller

Secure, Reliable, Managed, File Transfer

FTP Poller Solutions

The FTP Poller from Layer3 Systems Limited can be sized to match any budget, from low cost occasional use to High Availabilty Cluster solutions that provide Enterprise level fault tolerant non stop support for many thousands of file transfers per day. Typical customers use our technology to move a range of files, from small sub megabyte spread sheets to sub terabyte HD Video, often within mission critical environments.

Small Business System

Many small businesses find themselves with a need to transfer files on a regular basis to one or more destinations. Leaving this to key staff is extra workload which becomes tedious and prone to error in a short time. By implementing one of our small business solutions we can free up your staff so they can get on with more important creative tasks. We can provide a managed solution that ensures that transfers are regularly and reliably carried out. Providing support and assistance throughout the business day.

For businesses with a number of offices the FTP Poller can provide a solution where a central system (or Hub) picks up or drops off to multiple sites, alternatively each site could have a small system (Fully Meshed).

We can carry out all analysis and configuration to design and setup your custom requirement, manage the entire installation and provide ongoing support and management for change during the life of the product; all for one simple cost effective yearly fee.

Typically the FTP Poller is just plugged into your network (an IP address needs to be assigned) and we do the rest!

Solutions of this type are frequently implemented using small, cost effective, desktop devices.

Medium Business System

Larger businesses may require higher specification systems to carry larger more intensive workloads, possibly running on a 24 hour non stop basis. For customers who have premises with computer rooms containing their IT and networking equipment we can supply rack mountable servers from Dell, IBM or other well known manufacturers. This gives peace of mind when maintenance and continuity of operation are concerned.

For some applications we recommend using a mixture of rack mount servers at the core of the business and on larger sites, with small desktop systems for small remote offices.

We can work with you to design and specify a solution precisely to meet your needs, carry out all installation and integration and help develop integration with the third parties you transfer files with.

Enterprise System

Large enterprise systems are designed to scale to handle very large numbers of large file transfers.  To this end we can implement multiple servers with clustering capabilities to provide a non stop fault tolerant operation. When this is combined with our 24x7 managed service we can provide worry free continuous operation for many years.

Our experienced network architects and systems engineers will work with your staff to understand what you want to achieve and the best most cost effective way to do this. We have experience of integration on a global scale and have managed systems around the world for many years.

Some of our larger customers have used the FTP Poller as the basis for their workflow, both internally and between themselves and cooperating business partners. This is usually a quick win and low cost route as most large companies already have an FTP server on their (DMZ) customer facing networks. This means that compatibility is available from the start and reduces the burden of change on your partners. FTP Poller does not require any extra software to be loaded onto your systems and works with minimum changes to your existing firewall configuration.

All systems, small, medium or enterprise provide a high level of security, complete audit and logging trails, along with performance to match.