(S)FTP Poller

Secure, Reliable, Managed, File Transfer

Layer3 Systems Limited

Layer3 Systems was formed in 1995 to develop computer networks and systems, in highly demanding, high performance environments. The integration of the Internet with interactive broadcast and commercial environments has given us the opportunity to design and develop leading edge systems for a variety of renowned companies.

Our staff are all experienced systems and networking people with much knowledge and a keen desire to produce first class solutions that provide what the customer wants. We have learned to listen to people and understand that adapting the solution to fit the customer is a better solution than trying to adapt the customer to a solution.   layr3 trans 2011

Our approach is always to remove difficulty and pain and to replace it with a well defined, cost effective solution. We also believe that it is important to develop systems that do "one thing very well". Ensuring that they are easy to use or implement within a wider system is another key goal.